Friday, January 9, 2009

the theme to this week: tired, annoyed.

*next week i will be not tired and happy. i promise.

january 9th: "seriously?" oh my. crazy day. frustration with converting raw files to jpeg.
january 8th: i am rolling my eyes in this picture. had to go and have my annual gynocologist exam. not fun.
january 7th: this night i fell asleep at 8pm in my work clothes.

jan 4th and jan 5th

january 5th: so this is my new coat i got for christmas from evan. i am kind of addicted to coats. i've discovered i own quite a few, but this one takes the cake. i love it. it's got a fancy collar and skirt and when i wear it i sorta feel like queen elizabeth. this here below is my best impression.

janurary 4th: i am so tired this week. seriously.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

january 3 - commercial st.

today my good friend michelle and i decided to go exploring and found commercial street. if you are a springfieldian and haven't checked out this up and coming neghiborhood you really should! it's super cute! here's some evidence of the fun we had:

january 2nd - 365 project

2009 is looking bright. :)

one new years resolution

i made a couple new years resolutions...

one being that this year i am going to document each day with a picture. i think it will help my creativity.

so here's day one - january 1st, 2009

Thursday, January 1, 2009

happy new years.

so 2009 is here - and to be honest, it's a little crazy. last night, as i sat and watched the ball drop i reflected upon the last year.

big events of 2008:

watched my mom bravely face chemo...then radiation
went to colorado x3
started a book club
finally got around to making my wedding album
thrifted with friends
turned 24 years old
became addicted to 30 rock
worked at an arena in kansas city
had the world's best boss
saw some stellar concets
went to oklahoma city x2
applied and got accepted to grad school in oklahoma city
decided not to move to oklahoma city
ordered my digital camera
won free tickets on the radio
played wii rockband
had some great times with the fam
ran into ryan seacrest at kemper's american idol auditions
danced my "i hate AEG" dance numerous times
went to wine country
worked a lemonade stand
saw st. louis cards, spfd cards, kc royals
threw some fun sleepovers
went to bristol, england to see courtney and paul's life
reunited with julia in barcelona, spain
had fun while eating the worst brat ever in berlin, germay
caught up with my old roomie in oxford, england
saw great friends get married
met my sister in law, christina
called into npr
read some great books
pretended to be rachel ray
wished my husband luck on his medical school tests
celebrated 2 years of marriage to my love
saw my little brother before he left for iraq
walked in the susan g. komen race for the cure for my mom
reunited with friends from all over the country and world
saw my best friends new house in bristol england
toured boulevard brewery
moved to joplin
substitued in kindergarten and first grade
got a pro flickr account
began blogging here
started working on a etsy shop
played with a cute little girl named chloe
scrapbooked with my mom and aunt
missed my friends
cut my hair off for locks of love
photographed weddings and numerous couples
saw my pictures on x-mas cards, save the date cards, programs
started job in gynocologist office
got hooked on some great new music (ex: the ting tings)
got beefy with altell
celebrated my husbands 27th birthday

it's been a good year. but i think next year might be even better.