Thursday, October 30, 2008

this baby will be funny.

so two of my all-time favorite comedy personalities have had a baby. amy poehler and will arnett are both so so so funny. not only am i convinced their baby will be beautiful and fun but im pretty sure it will inherit they're hilarious personalities.

so congrats to amy and will. and welcome to the world little baby-you're destined to be hilarious- no pressure. ;)

Friday, October 24, 2008

i went to a booksale tonight...

and i bought the cutest book called "Without Some Raindrops Failling"

by helen farries

"the days can't all be sunny,
the skies can't all be blue...

sometimes it's dark and cloudy,
someimes its rainy, too...

but when we think it over,
if some rain didn't fall...

we'd have no lovely gardens,
no flowers to pick at all...

we'd have no trees to shade us
or simply sit beneath...

we'd have no pine and holly
to make a christmas wreath...

we'd have no streams to sail on
or dream by now and then...

we'd have no pretty rainbows
to bring the sun again...

we'd have no pretty green leaves,
they'd all be dark and brown...

we'd have no walks together
with raindrops falling down...

so, when we think it over,
when all is said and done...

without some clouds we'd never
appreciate the sun...

so when the skies are cloudy,
just think a bit of this...

without some raindrops falling...

what lovely things we'd miss!"

i love love love this book. the story is great. and the pictures are so adorable-i'll post pictures later :)

Thursday, October 23, 2008

i have a secret...

it involves some hard work, treasure hunting, and a little website called etsy.

i have started an etsy shop. though it's not quite ready yet to be public. i have some pretty exciting vintage finds i can't wait to post in the shop.

i'll post the link a little later.

for now, it's my little secret. but get excited, it's going be fun.

guess who im going to see tomorrow...

yeah i'm pretty excited. say what you may, but i for one, really like this lady. hurray for sarah palin.

*image via fox news.

just some details of our life.

this one time i had long hair.

so i cut my hair last weekend for locks of love. i've been growing it out for what seems like forever. if you know me, you know i haven't had hair this long since well before kindergarten. while i think short hair matches my personality a little more, long hair was fun for a little while.

here's me before the cut:

during the cut:

right after the cut, holding my locks:

the finished product:

all in all a fun ordeal and for a great cause. if you have long hair and are thinking about getting it cut, i encourage you to check out locks of love.

Friday, October 17, 2008


so i live a lot closer to walmart in joplin than i did in kansas city and thus i find myself there quite a bit the time that i have spent there i've made some interesting observations.

like these for example:

observation a: does anyone else think this girl might be a little too old for this tiny moped?

observation b: this gentleman was found in the shoe section in an ad with some other guys. but really, do you think he has enough layers on? and when have you ever seen someone wearing a sweater under a button up shirt?

thank you joplin walmart for giving me some things to laugh about as i walk through your aisles.

pottery barn

i love finding deals. given pottery barn has sales, they're normally not the kind of deals i can impulsively buy. however, i do love looking and pining for some of their beautiful items.

lovely. lovely. here's some of my favorites.

and who can resist checking out pottery barn kids? i love their decor!

great living room...

what a great living room makeover. look at how cute the silhouette pillows are on the window seat. i love this picture.

this gives me inspiration to a) paint a dresser and b) put it in my living room.

photos thanks to

i want this couch.

isn't it beautiful? this couch is on my wish list. :)

some bedroom ideas.

im wanting to try something different with my bedroom soon and was looking for some inspiration. love the following looks i found on

love these letters :) seriously!

i love maps. i bought a vintage atlas the other day and am excited to use it as decor in my craft room soon :) would've never thought of using it as a headboard. i like it.

if you know me, you know i love thrifting, antiquing, flea marketing - love love love this room!

so, i love photography and am always looking at new ways to display photos i love. really admiring this idea.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

apartment inspiration

thanks to rita koing (a contributor to domino-images found on here's some inspiration for those of you who like me find themselves living in apartments. how lovely is rita koing's apartment?

i love how she used this dark wallpaper with so many detail items in her entryway.

the all white background for her living room is so wonderful with all of the pictures and colors in this room.

i love how this room looks so comfy and warm. i think that's exactly what a bedroom should be like.

a tiny rant...

so i had told myself i was going to try not to get into politics on this blog...


i just have to say a little something about how people are responding to this election.

*people who i have looked up to and who i respect, are saying and writing things about the election i never thought possible. they are writing and saying the most mean and disheartening statements not only about the candidates but about those who support that candidate. i don't understand this.

yes, i have decided to support a certain candidate, but never would i write or say that those supporting the other candidate are stupid or uneducated because those supporting the other candidate include my friends, people i trust, people i respect. i hope i never forget that a blanket statement about a certain candidates supporters includes people that are my friends, that are my family.

i understand elections bring out passion. and i'm glad for that, but passion coming out in this way is just unnecessary and rude. have we forgotten that everyone deserves respect? everyone deserves to have their opinion heard without name calling? we live in such a great country (not without it's troubles and hardships) one where we have the ability to choose between two educated candidates who would both do a fine job as president. we are given the oppprotunity to vote for one or the other based on issues that are important to us, but i hope we never forget that differing opinions are not a bad thing. we are given the right, here in america to have difffering opinions and i for one, am very thankful for that right-people in our past, in our present, in our future pay dearly for us to keep this right. so let's not make a disgrace of it.

a little confession

so ive been a little under the weather and thus my blog has been a little blah.

but, today i slept pretty much all day and am convinced i am better. so back to blogging i will be.

i'll post my fashion remix pictures of those days soon.


-katie mae

Thursday, October 9, 2008

a glimpse of joplin...

tonight i saw a guy riding his motorcycle standing straight up on his seat. it was crazy. he was towering over 5 feet above his handlebars.

at first i was amazed. and then i wondered why is he doing this here, why now? but then i realized. it was a little show he was putting on.

yes as i watched in amazement the rider went back and forth doing multiple tricks for the audience inside ...

buffalo wild wings. i can't make this stuff up people. it's for real.

it was awesome and kind of sad all at the same time.

im not kidding when i say that buffalo wild wings may in fact be the most popular place in joplin and beyond. the parking lot is always packed and though i have never actually ate in this location i pass the parking lot all the time. it is never ever even halfway empty. yes the cup is always full if you own buffalo wild wings. at least for now.

get excited. if you're lucky i'll have another crazy story tomorrow.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

best husband award goes to...

this guy right here. a big shout out to my wonderful husband evan for keeping me sane in a seemingly insane world. he's the absolute best!

because somedays you just miss...

living in an english manor.

today i miss you harlaxton college. you kind of spolied me.

*photo thanks to university of evansville.

see more of harlaxton college here:

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

october 7th is here!

i've been waiting for this day.

at the cost of probably sounding really lame and showing you my lack of social life i will tell you why for over a month i have been waiting for this day to come.

it's because...

2 of my all time favorite shows release their last season on dvd today! what a great day!
i started watching both of these shows part way through this last year on dvd so i missed most, if not all of both shows recent season. i cannot wait to catch up on it.

and...if you're like me and love these shows, let me share with you a little secret. today, and possibly today only (im not sure how long the sale lasts) best buy has a sale that beats any other store i called including walmart.

so thank you best buy, for making it possible for me to see my favorite shows on dvd without paying an excessive price. i commend your business. :)

Monday, October 6, 2008

and...guess what?

i am officially a substitute teacher. today was my first day. i subbed in kindergarten. and all i can say is "wow, kids really do say the darndest things".

so...look for me pretending to be a teacher for a day at a local school near you.

wardrobe remix day 6

shirt- gap- thrifted
sweater- target
pants- the limited- thrifted
shoes- born- 2nd hand store

so this expression and stance in this picture was seen a lot today by quite a few little people. i will explain in my next post.

wardrobe remix day 5

shoes- walmart
jeans- ann taylor - thrifted
shirt- ann taylor- garage sale
jacket- old navy
scarf- old navy

wardrobe remix day 4

scarf- street vendor in rome, italy
jeans- gap outlet
shirt- urban outfitters - thrifted
shoes- target.

proof that i wear scarfs like everyday.