Thursday, October 16, 2008

a tiny rant...

so i had told myself i was going to try not to get into politics on this blog...


i just have to say a little something about how people are responding to this election.

*people who i have looked up to and who i respect, are saying and writing things about the election i never thought possible. they are writing and saying the most mean and disheartening statements not only about the candidates but about those who support that candidate. i don't understand this.

yes, i have decided to support a certain candidate, but never would i write or say that those supporting the other candidate are stupid or uneducated because those supporting the other candidate include my friends, people i trust, people i respect. i hope i never forget that a blanket statement about a certain candidates supporters includes people that are my friends, that are my family.

i understand elections bring out passion. and i'm glad for that, but passion coming out in this way is just unnecessary and rude. have we forgotten that everyone deserves respect? everyone deserves to have their opinion heard without name calling? we live in such a great country (not without it's troubles and hardships) one where we have the ability to choose between two educated candidates who would both do a fine job as president. we are given the oppprotunity to vote for one or the other based on issues that are important to us, but i hope we never forget that differing opinions are not a bad thing. we are given the right, here in america to have difffering opinions and i for one, am very thankful for that right-people in our past, in our present, in our future pay dearly for us to keep this right. so let's not make a disgrace of it.

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