Thursday, October 2, 2008

it's almost that time...

for my locks of love haircut.

i tried doing one of those post your picture look at a haircut on your picture online, but nothing looked quite right. none of the haircuts looked even close to alright. so i got scared that maybe, possibly, this was always the case and my head doesn't take any type of hair.

i'm crossing my fingers this isn't the case.

i'm trying to decide exactly what i want to of now i'm thinking this is what i will choose:

i wanna know what you all think...good haircut for fall?


michelle said...

i'm sorry, but i'm confused.

you've had a blog since JULY and you've let me follow your OTHER blog that you don't ACTUALLY use?? hmmm ... interesting. i was wondering why you never updated.


and i never realized that you were doing Locks of Love. good for you. the picture on my profile is actually the initial LoL haircut from January -- I've never managed to actually update it. ha.

love you friend. thanks for ACTUALLY letting me into your life. :) wink.

michelle said...

oh yeah ... question about this whole "Blogs I follow" thing/tool.

how do you actually "follow" a blog without them having that gadget? fill me in.

this is a sign that i'm getting old -- when i don't know how to work this whole technology gig. boo.

Sarah said...

I love this hair cut!! Classy and your face shape is similar enough to Katie's that you are sure to look amazing with it!