Thursday, October 2, 2008

wardrobe remix day 1

in an effort to wear more of the clothes that fill my closet i decided to join the wardrobe remix group on my plan is to document what i wear each day so that hopefully i won't continue to wear the same thing each day. so here's day 1 - yesterday.

lots of my clothes are thrifted and i get really excited about the treasures i find at goodwill. here's a perfect example. these jeans are ann taylor's - they looked like they were never worn - and they costed me less than $5. and i love them. and i've worn them an embarassingly large amount of the time since i bought them. so sorry thrifted ann taylor's you will soon see a break when i start wearing the clothing i've seemingly forgetten about.

so here we go. i'm hoping this whole experience will help me to dress better. we'll see. ;)

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