Thursday, October 9, 2008

a glimpse of joplin...

tonight i saw a guy riding his motorcycle standing straight up on his seat. it was crazy. he was towering over 5 feet above his handlebars.

at first i was amazed. and then i wondered why is he doing this here, why now? but then i realized. it was a little show he was putting on.

yes as i watched in amazement the rider went back and forth doing multiple tricks for the audience inside ...

buffalo wild wings. i can't make this stuff up people. it's for real.

it was awesome and kind of sad all at the same time.

im not kidding when i say that buffalo wild wings may in fact be the most popular place in joplin and beyond. the parking lot is always packed and though i have never actually ate in this location i pass the parking lot all the time. it is never ever even halfway empty. yes the cup is always full if you own buffalo wild wings. at least for now.

get excited. if you're lucky i'll have another crazy story tomorrow.


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Katie, where are your remix's and other posts? Where have you gone to my blogging friend?