Thursday, August 7, 2008

so as i mentioned before...we're moving.

and boy am i going to miss our apartment. let me explain. right now we live in a historic tri-plex...basically 3 apartments in one house that is over 100 years old. and i love it. love love love it.

except for the fact there is a gang war going on over our neghiborhood i love everything about it.

we have great neighbors, a great historic fireplace and mantle, we have tons of kitchen storage, and a front porch and back porch. oh and did i mention our furniture fits perfectly? it does.

so really the whole gang thing is the only downside.

sometime soon i will put up pictures of our apartment and show you what i mean. until then, you'll just have to trust me.

okay so i will miss this beautiful apartment and the wonderful memories that have taken place there but i am kind of excited to get to completely start over decorating wise.

we're moving into a 3 bedroom, 2 bath in a large apartment complex with...wait for it...a pool. yes. i have always wanted to be the person who gets to go to the pool whenever her heart desires. however the downfalls with a large apartment complex - no hardwood floors :( all white walls :( no fireplace :( no real character :(

however. on the bright side we can paint (hurray) and while some critics would argue painting an apartment to give it some color is a real waste of time when a) you have to pay for the paint and b) you have return it to white when you leave- i am convinced that paint will make a real difference as well as possibly a chandelier i found on craigslist today (okay katie - don't get too excited yet- you haven't even called about the chandelier yet- it could already be sold).

if you have any suggestions as to how i can make this cookie cutter place one of a kind, i would love to hear them!

here are some examples of how just a little paint can make a big difference. enjoy :)

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