Sunday, February 8, 2009

twenty five.

my 25th birthday is in a few days so i thought this list was appropriate.

alright. here goes nothing...
25 Random things about…well me.

1. I am sort of addicted to winter coats. I can’t help it. They’re just so luring. I took them all out and counted them one day in a hope to realize my ridiculousness and stop this addiction, however it did nothing but make me a little embarrassed I owned so many that were the same color.

2. I love flying. Put me on a plane and I’m happy. I don’t really even mind where I’m going. I really like the people I meet in planes. I’ve sat next to dance company members, restaurant managers, band members - I meet the most interesting people in those little crowded places.

3. I used to run quite strangely, to the point that this and only this is what I am remembered for in elementary school.

4. I looked at joining the Air Force after college and still consider it an option for the future.

5. I consistently miss my old boss from Kemper- like everyday at my new job.

6. I collect old cameras and old atlas books.

7. In my current job, the word vagina probably is one of the most used words in our workplace vocabulary.

8. People used to say I walk like Meg Ryan. I think we both walk a little tomboy like.

9. I swear I saw Brad Pitt at Steak N Shake in Springfield years ago.

10. My life used to revolve around music. I sang in 4 choirs, took private lessons since I can remember, and of course, picked my college based on vocal music. I was planning on majoring in vocal music or music business and surprisingly and somewhat sadly, music is not really a part of my life anymore. Hopefully it will be again someday.

11. My best friend lives in England and her and I seriously have a friendship of gold that was put through fire. It could be made into a movie. Roommates, sworn enemies, best friends. She’s the best. I miss her pretty much all the time. No one else is brave/crazy enough to request the Macerena with me at dance parties.

12. I almost literally knocked over Ryan Seacrest at the American Idol auditions in Kansas City at Kemper Arena.

13. I used to have great teeth. I didn’t have a cavity until college - which is sort of amazing if you knew how much sugar I intake.

14. I dance like a crazy person and love every minute of it. Basically I have no shame.

15. I had crazy pink glittery pants and snake print doc martin boots in high school. I have no clue why. I also had short spikey hair that I would make pink, blue or purple with some crazy hair gel. Fun times.

16. Sometimes I think people think my husband and I are a funny fit. He’s going to be a doctor. I’m hoping to be a Photographer. I love him. He is the Greg to my Dharma.

17. I studied in the manor (some would say castle) in England where the Haunting was filmed. I still dream of moving back overseas.

18. I would say most people consider me somewhat outgoing but if you really know me, you know I’m somewhat awkward and nervous in most public situations.

19. I really don’t enjoy when people downplay communication degrees. I think my senior paper and senior speech can compete with any other degree’s senior project.

20. I’m really not your typical sorority girl and yet sorority girl I am.

21. I once prayed for a sign and saw an angel in my backyard. Even so, sometimes I have a hard time believing.

22. I had one horrible fall in cross country training my freshman year of high school. Literally mashed up half my face and was called two face the rest of that summer.

23. When I was announced at the Homecoming dance for court I came out with my cross country running shoes on.

24. I really want a tattoo but am afraid of needles.

25. I love polka dots, bows, and all things pink.

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