Saturday, March 21, 2009

our apartment

i thought i would give a little look into our little life. :)

my girly bathroom. i love everything about this bathroom from the pink towels to the flowered shower curtain.
part 2 of my girly bathroom. headbands, a darkroom timer, vintage prints and perfume.
our bedroom. evan and i agreed on the color green when we were registering and i am glad we picked a color we both can still enjoy.
side view b of our bedroom.
our latest addition in the master bedroom. prints hung from curtain rods.
our guest bathroom. this shower curtain was one of the best gifts we received from our wedding - we've had it for over 2 years and i think it still looks practically new.
my craft/fun room. where i keep my darkroom equipment, my sewing machine, and a lot of my treasures. someday this room will have more than posters from my college days as decoration.
craft room view b.
our dining room. our dining room table is seriously by far my favorite thing in our apartment. our dining room features those wonderful ugly sliding door blinds. but it also features antique plates and prints.
the hubby's study.
our linen/store everything closet.
kitchen view a.
kitchen view b. i used to spend practically no time in here other than at the microwave. but, recently i've been cooking a little more. let's hope this trend continues.
our living room features a red leather chair evan and i gave each other for christmas, a garage sale floral couch, a mini couch my friends janeane and courtney helped me re-upholster after we found it on the side of the road, an outdoor light, a mirror evan and i gave each other for valentines day 3 years ago, a vintage photo i bought at a thrift store of a very serious lady, and a few other treasures.

okay so there's our house. i am always wanting to paint it and while i can, im not sure it's worth it in a rental i know i won't be in forever. any thoughts on how to add color to my craft room (and others) without using paint?

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Laura said...

fabric soaked in starch will stick to the wall like paper and you spray it wet to remove it and wash the walls down with a bucket of soapy water and a sponge mop before you move out.