Wednesday, September 23, 2009

hello again old friend

i've been gone for a while. can you forgive me?

while i would like to think i am a dedicated blogger, the truth is, a year without internet really did me in. going to the library each night to update my blog wasn't exactly on top of my to - do list, but alas, i now have internet.

think we can be friends again?

so since i last updated, quite a bit has changed. i now live back near kansas city (mission, kansas). and while i thought i wouldn't miss a whole lot about joplin (aside from my friends and family of course) i've definitely had my fair share of joplin cravings.

joplin cravings? what are these? well, its when you wake up one day and realize you miss your local grocery store, the crazy joplin flea market (where random strangers want to hold your puppy and let it lick their faces), the insanely awesome goodwill, my nice neighbors, academy sports, and my old insanely large room. i miss seeing evan every day, getting to eat with my aunt, going home to see the parents on the weekends, and eating pizza with my friends.

it's funny how life works. when i first moved to joplin from kansas city i was in a little bit of culture shock. it seemed so different, so small, so...something. i couldn't quite put my finger on it. but after a little while it seemed...well nice.

after finding out that evan was no longer going to be rotating in joplin, and seeing as he is my best friend and love, i decided it might be for the best to make a move.

so i did. and here i am in mission. evan is here some and traveling doing rotations the rest of the time. i have a roommate, my friend kate and we eat lots of macaroni and cheese, make many many target runs, and are currently watching the gilmore girls nightly. and i kinda love it. it's nice to be around old friends, people who know you and don't judge you when you make your weekly returns to target because you maybe overbought the last time you were there. people who listen to your rants, don't judge you when you forget the specs on your camera lens, pick you up from the airport, watch your puppy, go roaming around westport with you, and people you can have happy picture fridays with. the people who know you pretty well and have decided despite your quirky statements, sometimes lack of judgement in fashion, and bad eating habits you're worth the trouble to invest in and befriend.

so i moved...and i started working on my photography business. yes my friends, soon (very soon) katie g photography will have her own shiny website and it will be wonderful. magical even. i cannot wait!

what else? between photography and walking my crazy energetic puppy i am going to be working in a box office again. get excited. in fact the other day, i worked the on sale of the broadway show wicked here in kansas city. and while i was a little intimidated at the million shows and thus, million codes i needed to know it worked out just fine. and i am glad to be back in show business. (ha!)

macie is growing up so fast. i know i totally sound like i'm talking about a child, but my puppy is so loved i figured she's worth an update. she's asleep next to me right now and could not be any cuter. she enjoys long walks in the park, playing with her friend elle, treats, and jumping off and onto about anything. oh and naps, she like me, loves naps. i knew she was the perfect puppy for me!

my dear old evan is doing well. as i mentioned earlier, he'll be here in mission some, in colorado much, and possibly in chicago some. he's applying to residency programs now and we're excited to see where the future will take us. i'm so proud of him. he is going to be SUCH a great doctor.

my hero, my mom is doing well. she is such a trooper and an inspiration to so many. i feel so blessed that her cancer spots are currently not growing. after multiple surgeries, chemo, radiation, she finally has a little break to enjoy herself. i'm so happy.

so that's a little update on me. but soon look for all kind of fun updates from photography to fashion to home decor. it's going to be one fun ride. get excited! i am.

and thanks for letting me return to you blog. i'm certainly lucky you don't hold grudges ;)