Tuesday, September 23, 2008

okay, okay. i'm sorry.

i'm currently apologizing to my own blog for such a lapse of time.

apology accepted? good.

moving just is crazy. end of story.

but on a much brighter note, we found a wireless connection where we live, and alas here i am typing away. :)

yes it is true. i am officially a resident of joplin, missouri. and i have to tell you. it's not so bad. i could even go so far as saying i like it. is it smaller than kc? yes. despite the smaller city size, do people in their cars honk at you an abnormally large amount for normal driving? yes. have i made any new friends? no. BUT, the library has FREE dvd rentals, there's a 1/2 of 1/2 store where i have found 3 cute shirts for $1.50 each, i've gotten to see my aunt, uncle and cousins more often, had the opportunity to catch up with fellow jewell grads, have a kitchen pantry, there's a target less than 10 minutes away, the goodwill has been good to me, i've started cooking, and...after much much much cleaning and along with that frustration, i love our apartment.

is it different than kansas city? yes. quite a bit. i no longer wake up to ambulances, police helicopters, and gunfire, rather to trains. that's right trains. not as dangerous, and not quite as annoying. i currently spend my days job searching instead of in the kemper box office and my nights cleaning, reading, and movie watching instead of with my friends. but...i am confident that both friends and a job will come. it just takes patience. and honestly i'm not the best example of patience. thank goodness, despite change, some constants stay the same. family. friendships survive distance, and love. evan, my best friend and love keeps me entertained.
it's been awesome watching evan grow more into a doctor each day.

so if you find yourself going down route 66 or I-44 or 71...feel free to stop by. i'll make some chocolate chip cookies.

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Megan said...

Hi Katie!
You moved to Joplin? That's great. :)
I found your blog and really loved reading it. Enjoy settling in to your new life, however temporary or permanent it is. I moved last year, and it was quite the transistion. But, as I'm sure you'll soon find out, its a great way to learn more about yourself and keep stretching into all the potential you were meant to have.
Good luck on your job hunt and yours & Evan's new adventure.