Wednesday, September 24, 2008

some wall art ideas thanks to

thanks to my mom who loaned me some of her wonderful interior design, do it yourself magazines, i checked out the do it yourself ideas website. and wow. this website is pretty awesome. just check out these wall art ideas:

using a tablecloth as art. i love this.

framing fabric is always nice. i'm pretty certain i am going to be doing some of this in my craft room.
so i bought a vintage atlas book the other day for 50 cents and i figured i would frame them...however, look how stellar this looks (i can't tell if it's framed or unframed for sure, but to me it looks unframed).
this one is really cool. it's a weave that the person did using all kinds of different mediums. i love how chaotic it looks over such a calming chair and on such a calming wall color.
they call these some kind of ceiling tiles. i would absolutely love love love to find some of these. i've never found any this pretty, but it looks fabulous.
yes, using the frame in an unconventional way always makes it a little more interesting.
this is so awesome. i would love to do this someday. it would take quite a bit of collecting, but i think it would be totally worth it.
this is bits of a text book blown up ...awesome right?
framing pictures from magazines. i'm always amazed at how good these look.
this is a new one to me. using placemats as art. i'm a fan.

want more on these ideas and others? go visit...

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