Saturday, November 15, 2008

adventures coming soon.

so blog world...guess what?

i am no longer officially unemployed.

yes. it is rather exciting.

but earlier today while at work (long story short- my office was in the process of moving this week) i found myself really missing something. it was kinda strange. it wasn't a person. or a place even. it was a feeling.

yes. i missed my sense of adventure.

im sure everyone has those moements. you're sitting at your desk, organizing files and all of the sudden you ask yourself "whoa, how did i get here?" - don't get me wrong, so far i like my job. i really do. but every once in a while i find myself asking selfish silly questions like why can't i just jump on a plane and head to england to see my best friend or drive all night to go to the coldplay concert? why can't i stand in line all day to be the first into stores on black friday or quit my job and join a traveling show choir?

well- the answer is simple. kind of. some people can do this. they are brave. or crazy. or both. and i am jealous of these people who somehow despite all of life's attempts to steal it from them retain their imagination and sense of adventure. and or, have endless amounts of money and no obligations on their time.

but for me, i can't do these crazy things. at least right now. i'm not convinced someday i won't be in a traveling show choir but for now - my place is here. in joplin. that means i may not be at the coldplay concert or find myself shopping in the best boutiques. i'll be going to my 8-5 job everyday and i'll be alphabetizing files for some amount of time every day. but you know, there are adventures to be had here, alphabetizing and all. i just have to find them. and i will. i'll find some adventures here soon. i've seen glimpses of them in places you would never expect.

and yes. i will report back to you the adventures i find.

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Megan said...

oh, katie. i feel ya. :)