Wednesday, November 19, 2008

so guess what?

i got a job.

yes a full - time, real adult job.

and i have to tell you- it's sorta exhausting. nope, i take that back really exhausting.

don't get me wrong. i've had a real life adult job before, but this one is different. no, im not an undercover spy, i don't work for the U.N., and i don't sell anything.

i'm a receptionist.

but let me tell you. that job title is deceiving. if you're anything like me you're thinking "alright katie, surely you can pick up a phone, read, write, use a computer, fax, copy, and alphabetize. i mean really how hard can it be?"

yeah i thought this job would be easy. like way easier than my previous jobs but i was wrong. very wrong. and it really got me to thinking, if i was wrong about this job - how many other jobs do i underestimate or sell short? there are probably, sadly a ton of jobs i think i could pick up in a day but in reality are a LOT harder than i believe them to be. in my previous jobs i had those little breaks of free time to check my email, make a personal phone call, go to the restroom - not so in this job. and i bet there are many many jobs out there far harder than what i head into tomorrow morning.

despite the shocking reality of how hard being a medical receptionist really is, my job is actually nice - just a lot different than what i previously thought it would be. it's really given a new outlook on jobs, salaries, what a killer paper cut can be (try a folder cut-ouch!), productivity, lunch (heaven), and co-workers.

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Maria Smith said...

these are great pictures!! i miss you :(