Wednesday, July 16, 2008

barcelona, spain

a little taste of spain. barcelona. beautiful architecture.

this door was the entrance into the building our hostel was in.
i thought this random door outside a church was fun.
the weather was really nice.
who cannot love a city where random men sit in the middle of the city and play chess. i love it.
barcelona at night. i enjoy when the streets are crowded with people but it is kinda interesting when they're not.
inside one of the many cathedrals of barcelona.
the ocean!
yes. i really like when a city spells out it's name for you.
the gaudi apartments. gaudi is a mucho famous architect from around the early 1900's. his work is unbelievable and is still in my opinion very modern looking - even by todays standards. it is truly like nothing i have ever seen. it's amazing.
my dream house. along with my dream mini cooper driving by. (sigh)*
the market where we bought some food.
this looks so fairy tale like to me. its magical.
i want a scooter.
beautiful sky.
yes. you cannot go to barcelona without seeing the sagrada de familia. however you cannot go to barcelona without it being under construction. i doubt they'll finish it in my lifetime.
hello there owl.
some more of gaudi's work at a park that sat on top of a hill overlooking the city.
again. i want a scooter.

while in barcelona i got to meet up with my friend julia who was teaching in spain for the past year. we had such a fun time sightseeing and catching up. :)

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