Tuesday, July 15, 2008

haircut contemplation part II

so yesterday i posted some pics of katie holme's bob haircut. while i almost convinced that cut is what i will get, here are some others that are still deserving of my consideration before i make the big cut.

who wouldn't consider audrey hepburn's hairstyle when thinking about going short?

i love how retro but also stylish this hairstyle looks on michelle williams. both in brown and blonde.

i couldn't resist adding this hairstyle. i think it looks so sophisticated.

at one time i had hair about this short. and actually i really loved it. given it might not have looked this good but it was easy to maintain and kept me cool in the summer. maybe i'll go back to that short on this next cut.

i think this from the side looks very classic. however i'm not quite sure what it looks like from the front. makes me a little leary to go into a stylist only knowing what one side of my hair will turn out like if i give her this picture as reference.

i love this style on audrey tautou. i wonder if she has naturally curly hair though or if they gave somewhat of a body wave or perm before the cut.

i think this style is so classy. i mean probably movie stars like kiera knightley can pull off any hairstyle but i really like this one on her. i really like the layers. i wonder if you have to have relatively thin hair for this style though.

what girl hasn't dreamed of having amelie's hair? i mean seriously. it's kinda iconic.

this style seems to keep a little more length than those seen above while still remaining short and chic. i like that it looks a little edgy.

lets face it. if i had reese witherspoon's hair i probably wouldn't be getting a haircut in the first place. i thought i'd put this up anyways. while it wouldn't be as drastic of a haircut as the others, it's just too nice not to consider as an option.

so that's all for now when it comes to hair. any suggestions on which i should pick?


Dustin Steller said...

wow. I never realized how much I like short hair styles, but I guess I do. :-)

Jessica Skye said...

i'm cutting my hair short too! i found your blog looking up "short haircuts".

i love audrey tatou's hair as herself, and as amelie. i like natalie portmans haircut too.

hope that helps. check out my blog (even though its in its very early stages still). thanks

have a nice day