Friday, July 25, 2008

my unhealthy addiction: hgtv

i kid you not. i think i'm addicted to hgtv. unfortunately, i don't have cable at my house but any time i visit the rents you can be sure at some point i will be nailed to "divine design" or "colorsplash" to name a few. i start to miss those shows when i've been away from them for too long (i warned you it was unhealthy).

today i decided i would post some bedroom inspiration from the hgtv website because a) i love hgtv and b) i'm wanting to go in a new direction with our bedroom once we move so i'm on the lookout for ideas that i could do in an affordable and fashionable way.

i love how this huge print acts as a headboard while elongating the small room.

i love this headboard. give me a headboard with tufted buttons and i will love it. i really like how this room feels so breezy and relaxing.
this below is a huge room. i mean seriously, maybe someone out there has a bedroom this big but it's certainly not me. i do like how they have the dresser at the end of the bed (interesting effect) and how they have arranged the desk and sitting area within the room.
this room below is oh so eclectic, but i love it! mixing crazy with classic.

here's a couple of questions for you readers (if I have any ?):
*do you feel as though a bed must have a headboard and if not what could act as a headboard?
*what is your favorite decor idea from your room?
*how do you incorporate a desk into a bedroom without overtaking the room?

have a happy friday :)
-katie mae


Ginger Kay said...

KT- I love your blog!

To answer your question I think that you have to have a headboard of some sort, although I think it is neat to see the different things that ppl use. I like it when people hang fabric (blanket, curtains, tapestry, etc) from a curtain rod behind the bed.

Lillian Davenport said...

I feel like not having a headboard is reminiscent of not having enough money to have a real bed, like your early twenties adulthood while you're still working at the coffee shop for 7 bucks an hour. Its just incomplete. I feel like its a symbol of adulthood and stability. (I never realized I attached so much meaning to a headboard!)