Wednesday, July 23, 2008

closet organization

i love organizing my closet. i'm not quite sure why. and to be honest right now my closet doesn't look so great and it's really getting under my skin. usually about once a month i try to reorganize my closet which involves pouring out all of my clothes to see if i want to rid myself of any of them (which of course i usually end up ridding myself of nothing) and then taking the huge mess and trying to put it all back together again-better than i found it.

i really want to reorgainze my closet now, but since we're moving in about a month i figure it might be a useless cause. i am excited already to organize my closet in our new place.

so since my closets a wreck right now and i don't think you want to see it, i thought i would post some closet pictures that inspire me.

here goes:

i love when everything has it's place and is color coordinated.

:) color coordinated.
shoes. i wish i had a giant bookcase for my shoes. looking at this picture is kind of funny. if this was a girl there would be a million different kinds of shoes, for a man it's same shoe, different color. (all variations of black and brown)
i heart this closet.
watch out joplin. beacuse in about a month i will be orgazinging my closet and it just might end in a masterpiece. maybe i'll sell tickets to it. ;)

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