Monday, July 21, 2008

penelope movie

so i said there would be more to come. and here it is.

i know film critics have found quite a few things wrong with the movie, penelope but i wanted to share a few reasons i enjoyed the movie.

*the fashion - the fashion in this movie is beautiful. in my opinion up there with sex and the city movie and marie antionette. penelope wears a coat throughout much of the movie that is purple and adorned with buttons and in my opinion, absolutely adorable. i want a coat like that. the movie features eclectic fashion combining polka dot tights with cute heels and skirts.

*the set - i love love love this set. penelope's room in the movie is breathtaking - magical even. the set designer was a genius. i also loved the city, it reminded me of a cross between london and new york. taking the best of both cities of course.

*the cast - seriously. christina ricci, james mccavoy, catherine o'hara and reese witherspoon. who wouldn't love this cast? i thought the casting of christina ricci and james mccavoy's characters were right on. and catherine o'hara is hilarious.

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Divana said...

I have just seen the movie and ADORED both his and hers bedroom!!