Thursday, July 17, 2008

oxford, england

the last leg of my journey was to oxford, england where i got to catch up with a dear friend of mine who was studying there. i really enjoyed my time in oxford despite the fact i felt like i should be carrying some huge stacks of books instead of my camera and looking really academic rather than really like a tourist if i wanted to fit in. oh well. fitting in is overrated.

a taste of oxford if you will. we'll start with the staples of the city.

punting. seriously a staple of oxford. you go there you will see punting. and usually it's pretty funny.

beautiful archway. what a walk to class huh? oh i'll just walk over that historic beautiful archway on my way to history today. no biggie.

universities. yes. i know it's probably no surprise but universities are somewhat of a staple of oxford. they're kinda what the city is known for. i took this picture below and then did some cross processing and it looks almost identical to a postcard i bought in one of the stores. the postcard looked like it was made about 10 years ago.
this view was magnificent. oxford is so beautiful.

now for the details of the city.

this ceiling was inside one of the cafe's. so amazing.

i thought this little house so tightly nudged between two buildings was kind of adorable.

however, if i had the choice i would definitely live in this house instead of the tightly nudged house because it's basically the prettiest house i've ever seen. the gate was open and i was so tempted to just walk up and ask if i could look around. however, i thought that be overstepping my boundaries as a tourist.

another cute picture worthy house. doesn't this make you want to pack your stuff and move to a cottage in england?

and row houses. who doesn't love row houses? especially when they're painted all different wonderful pastel colors.

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