Thursday, July 24, 2008

yes. i'll have one of everything.

i love j.crew. and even more so when it's on sale. take a look at some of what i found on their website under the sale section.
check out these adorable yellow flats. perfect for the rest of the summer season. not to mention next spring. :)

hello beautiful dress. you look like you would be perfect for fall.
yellow shirts are just fun. plus the frills = really fun.
this little jacket looks perfect for autumn.
i think if you wear this yellow dress you must be in a good mood. it's just too happy of a dress not to be.
polka dot wellies. yes please.
this dress looks like it would be a perfect outfit for fall or winter.
hello sweater. you are so cheery and fun. i would wear you with everything.
check out this trench coat...adorable.
polka dots are my favorite.
again frills on a dress. love it.

this tank would be great for the rest of summer.
hello khaki jacket. you are fun.
i love how simple yet modern this dress is.
stripes are always in, no matter the season. especially pink stripes.

*happy deal shopping. hurray for sales. :)

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Michelle said...

Alright, I don't know you. But I stumbled on your blog because of a Grace Kelly photo I was looking for. I love all the same things you love! You should check out my blog. I think we should be blog friends. I am so envious of that Jcrew dress in pink. I've been in love with it for a long time.