Tuesday, July 15, 2008

fashion on a dime

so i love target. and why shouldn't i? fashion on a dime. well not literally a dime, but pretty cheap.

here's what i've had my eye on as of lately:

love the pleats on this navy blue eyelet skirt.
hello sliver skirt. you are fun.

so this shirt may not be the most flattering but it reminds me of a wearing a tutu when i did ballet as a young girl. so i like it.
love the classic look of this jacket. perfect for work.
i think short sleeved button down shirts are so wonderful. why should you have to suffer through summer in the button down long sleeved? plus this color with the added decor makes quite the fun statement.

again pleats are so great. and...a bow. i love it.
i have been wanting this dress since i saw it around winter. it reminds me of a dress from the 1950's. hopefully i'll muscle up and order it before it's gone forever.
pink is fun.
polka dots are my favorite.
bows bows bows. i wish i could wear them everyday.

*where do you find great fashion deals?

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