Wednesday, July 16, 2008

bristol, england.

my first stop on my journey overseas was where my best friend and her husband call home - bristol, england.

this is them:

one of the main streets of bristol, england.

i loved these row houses. i especially like the black and white matching awnings with the variety of door colors. very picturesque. i wish you saw these kind of things in america.

this was one of the "ritzy" neghiborhoods in bristol. look at how the row houses curve. so beautiful. around this area is the most beautiful view of the suspension bridge.

this ice cream selling van was just too cute. this was at the downs - basically a huge huge humongous grassy park area where you can throw around a football, take in the view of the suspension bridge, read on a sunny day, fly a kite, or of course eat ice cream.

something i really liked about bristol was how many little cafes and shops they had. i loved that the areas i walked through didn't seem overran by chains.

i'm sorry i had to put in this picture of the trash can. i believe if our trash cans were a pretty yellow we would have less littering.

the suspension bridge which is really iconic to bristol.

across the street from my best friend and her husbands new house. love love love the doors.

something that bristol has been struggling with has been graffiti. however they had an ingenious idea and started embracing and inviting grafiti artists to display their work on their streets. this was one of my favorites.

one of the most beautiful front door i have ever seen.

bristol had a beutiful park area where we found the cutest kids running through the fountains there.

so about bristol. i loved loved loved my time there. its not a small city but it is definitely more off the beaten track than some of the areas closer to london. i loved that it embraced the art scene, has what i thought was a beautiful port area, had plenty of space for people to enjoy the outdoors (which they seem to do - one of the days i was there it was so sunny and nice - despite it was a weekday people seemed to come out of the woodwork to enjoy the sunshine) and it seemed more eco friendly and concious than many other places i've been to.

of course my favorite part of the trip was seeing my best friend. :) we had lots of fun.

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