Thursday, July 17, 2008

berlin, germany

so after barcelona i made my way over to berlin to explore the city with my best friend and her husband.

here's a little look at what we saw:

the brandenburg gate - so gorgeous at night.

so cool :) the world clock. doesn't it look so clean and crisp. come to think of it, pretty much everything in berlin looks clean, crisp, and manicured. barcelona was great but in general berlin felt so much cleaner and safer than barcelona.

the architecture was amazing. again, crisp clean design.

i had to include this picture below because this is a college library. i kid you not. i think i would've read a lot more in college had this been my library.

this picture below is in the dome of the Reichstag - it's supposed to symbolize how the government of berlin is transparent. i love the concept.

berlin was so interesting. how so much change has happened in one place and it has somehow still remained so beautiful is amazing to me.

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